Why Export LNG?

The United States is now the leading natural gas
producer in the world. We have an abundant supply
of this clean, affordable and reliable resource that will
let us power our nation for generations to come. Just
a few years ago the U.S. was expected to be a major
importer of natural gas. The shale revolution has virtually
eliminated our need for gas imports, and we have
begun to export some of our gas. The first shipment of
U.S. LNG from the lower 48 states left in February 2016 and since then the U.S.
has shipped LNG to Europe, Asia and South America.
Our abundant supply means that the U.S. does not have to import significant amounts of LNG for domestic
use, creating greater certainty of supply and putting
downward pressure on prices around the world.

The shale revolution has not occurred in a vacuum,
and while the U.S. is reaping the benefits of not being
tethered to other countries to meet its energy needs,
in many cases our allies are growing more dependent.
This abundant resource has presented an opportunity
for the U.S. to become an influential global energy leader
– a leader that will be a reliable and transparent trading
partner in energy for allies abroad. A robust natural
gas export policy will enhance our energy leadership,
and it also will help grow our economy, support our
manufacturing sector, strengthen our national security
interests and protect our environment. Transparent
and timely permitting and licensing procedures of LNG
export terminals are one way to fully realize the benefits
of LNG exports.

FERC Map of Approved and Pending LNG Export Projects


FERC map of approved and pending LNG Export projects